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2/9/12 2:30pm web1: Hacked sites: We found several sites that were hacked by an unknown group. The hackers were sending a massive number of simultaneous requests out from these particular sites, causing system resources to be completely used up. This led to very slow response times on our primary shared server. We are contacting the site owners to update and secure their site code.

9/27/11 12:30am web1: DDOS attack One of the domains in the shared hosting environment on our web1 server was the target of a Distributed Denial of Service attack starting early in the morning on 9/27. We were forced to take a number of sites offline to minimize the effects of the attack. We quickly identified the targeted domain and took measures to remove it from the pool of sites. All sites except the targeted site was back online by 11:30am on 9/27. Mail was not affected and continued to function normally.

10/13/10 8:30pm web1: What happened? Our web1 server was compromised by a hacker and was being used to send out spam. We were forced to immediately shut down the mail server and begin migrating accounts to a new server. Due to the amount of data that needed to be transferred and the immediacy in which it needed to happen, we suffered unacceptable downtime for many of our email accounts. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and have entered a new security / maintenance partnership that we can't wait to tell you about in more detail. All services and accounts were back up as of 10/13 at around 8:00pm

10/11/10 9:00pm Emergency Maintenance: web1 is undergoing emergency maintenance.

05/12/10 1:01pm Traffic Overload gDiapers broke the internets! (on youtube) We're all better now.

03/18/10 2:00am Maintenance: Our web1 server will be offline for approximately 20 minutes starting at 2am PST on 3/18 for a RAM upgrade

03/11/10 3:57pm Short Outage
We experienced a short outage of about 12 minutes. Everything is now back up.

12/18/09 1:58pm Rackspace Data Center Outage Over
Our services were down for a few minutes with Rackspace's Network issues today.

10/29/09 7:12am web1 DDOS attack is over
web1 experienced another DDOS attack early this morning, similar to Tuesday's attack. This time it was running long enough to track the source, which was a compromised domain/script on web1. The offending script and processes have been removed and we have completed a full security scan for any other potential issues.

10/29/09 5:34am web1 is responding very slowly
We're working with Rackspace to find the source of a bandwidth spike.

10/27/09 9:58am web1 is back to normal
web1 experienced a temporary Denial Of Service attack. The attack is now over and offending IP's have been blocked.

10/27/09 9:17am web1 services are running slowly or not at all
web1 is experiencing connectivity issues. We are working with Rackspace to find the issue.

06/29/09 1:30pm Rackspace Data Center Outage
Our servers were temporarily affected by the Rackspace data center outage. All systems are back online.

06/08/09 2:34pm Plesk is back online

06/08/09 2:28pm Plesk is unresponsive
The Plesk control panel is currently down - no other services are affected at this time.

01/10/09 11:34am Plesk is back online
The Plesk control panel is back online.

01/10/09 11:12am Plesk is unresponsive
The Plesk control panel is currently down - no other services are affected at this time. We are working with Rackspace to bring it back online.

10/11/08 4:00am Migration/Maintenance Complete
Planned migration and maintenance is complete.

10/10/08 11:00pm Migration/Maintenance
Planned migration and maintenance has begun.

12/7/07 1:00am Spam Filter (Fixed)
Spam filtering has resumed normal operation.

12/6/07 6:00am Spam Filter Down
Spam filtering is currently down. We are working on the issue and will have this service back up as soon as possible.

7/25/07 7:00am Plesk Login Issues (Fixed)
Control Panel upgrade was successful. No current issues to report.

7/24/07 11:30am Plesk Login Issues
We have found the problem and will be upgrading the control panel overnight to avoid any site downtime.

7/24/07 10:00am Plesk Login Issues
Some users are currently experiencing problems logging into Plesk. We are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve it. This does not appear to be affecting any server functions other than Plesk.