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1. I am getting an error when trying to send email that says “553 sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)”

Make sure you are sending with SMTP Authentication turned on. See Email Settings to correctly configure your account.

2. I followed the directions on how to send mail (SMTP) but I'm still unable to send or I'm seeing errors

If your domain's SMTP settings do not work for you, it's possible your ISP is blocking common mail ports which are used to send email. In this case, you can use via SSL (see Email Settings to correctly configure your account) or use your ISP's SMTP server for sending mail.

3. Why do I keep receiving messages that say “**Message you sent blocked by our bulk email filter**”?

Spammers often send email setting the To and From headers as the same address (yours). The message you are seeing is what is normally bounced back to the spammer that sent the email letting them know it was blocked, but since your email address was forged as the From address, it's bouncing back to you. These messages are safe to ignore provided they are coming from our spam filter.

4. I am going on vacation, how can I set up an auto-repsonse email for my email account?

Begin by logging in to our webmail system:

  1. Enter your email address and password into the appropriate fields.

  2. You will be taken to your email account in our webmail system.

  3. Click on the gear icon in the top menu bar. It's near the end of the row of icons on the gray bar. This is the settings screen for your email account.

  4. In the left hand column, click on Autoresponder.This will take you to the Autoresponder settings page.

  5. On the Autoresponder page, fill in the Subject of the email you'd like sent back in your absesnse, as well as the body of the message.

  6. In the right hand column, you will see some additional settings. Slide the switch to the right to Enable the Autoresponder (sliding it left will disable the Autoresponder). We recommend leaving Disable responses to indirect mail and Limit responses to once daily as is, in the On position.

  7. That's it. When the Enable Autoresponder is set to the on position, your Autoresponder will send your response to anyone sending you mail.